what is physical fitness definition

Physical fitness is good bodily health, and is the result of regular exercise, proper diet and nutrition, and proper rest for physical recovery.

physical fitness definition

what is physical fitness definition

what is physical fitness definition Often described as the and general of the body, which can varies from best conditions to perform at one end of the spectrum to the other end of serious illness or injury. Should be considered a world of term with several specific components that contribute to it what is physical fitness definition.

The main components of for fighting fires are aerobic, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility (short-term) (long term) resistance.
Optimum for firefighters results in the ability to conduct activities against fires successfully and without excessive fatigue.

Endurance to continue to practice for long periods of time (> three minutes), low to moderate / high (for example, running a series of 70 mm pipe to supply water to the fire). In general, limiting their ability to keep running, cycling or swimming for more than a few minutes, the heart remains in the body and lungs and blood to get oxygen to breathe (aerobics) muscles , which provides sustained energy it takes to maintain the long-standing practice.

Typical aerobic activities include hiking / walking, running / jogging, biking, aerobics / group exercise, jumping rope, rowing, stair climbing, swimming, skating, and various activities endurance games or a combination thereof.Muscle strength can what is physical fitness definition raise, lower, pulling, pushing and carrying loads over distances / short periods of time (Leg, an increase of 13.5 million peace to the presence of the device).

It is determined by the strength of your muscles with the ability of muscles to produce large forces, the best trained using resistance as expected by machines, weight or body weight. It is important to remember that weight training does not necessarily make you look too muscular. Most improvements in what is physical fitness definition their power to precede without the muscles become bigger, it will only become firmer, more toned and fit for the task.

When resistance training should address the whole body, with adequate rest needed to allow muscles to recover before other exercises. They should be allowed at least 48 hours before repeating the rest of the what is physical fitness definition exercises. Learn the proper technique is important for the formation of safe, effective and highly recommended to consult a professional in this aspect of training strength. Lifting light weights to start

And is closely what is physical fitness definition related to muscular endurance, strength, both aerobic and muscular endurance, but allows you to continue lifting, lowering, pulling, pushing and lifting heavy objects for longer periods of time (Beg , bring light portable pump (~ 33 kg) devices through a field of external water source). And better training of muscle strength using a moderate resistance for what is physical fitness definition a long period of more activity, such as circuit training with body weight as resistance.

Flexibility is what is physical fitness definition the ability to move their limbs and joints in certain situations at the end of their natural range of movement. Flexibility is important because it will allow your body to work in close places excessive stress on the muscles, tendons and ligaments (Beg crawling through small spaces or openings in the search space is the subject of a victim in a house fire) and may reduce the risk of injury. Flexibility is best placed in controlling what is physical fitness definition slow stretching exercises.

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