Fitness Frog : 5 steps

fitness forg 

forg fitness
Fitness frog Test this idea sap Santos visited the forest in Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Panama in search of poisonous frogs, holding about 500 frogs - representing more than 50 species - the ability to test.

In the passed, biologists try to explain why some species develop faster than genetic factors, which focuses on other characteristics such as body size, generation time, fertility and life. According to one theory, first Fitness frog proposed in the U.S.S.R., is likely Fitness Lemon to accumulate DNA changes at a faster rate, especially in cold-blooded animals such as frogs, snakes, lizards and fish and increase the rate of metabolism of other species. However, subsequent studies have failed to find support for the idea of unsystematic Fitness frog.

The rate at which changes the genome of each type in the coarse of time, but also to restore the DNA sequences poison frog axis genes 15 addresses frog.
When calculating the number of mutations or Fitness Cold alterations in the DNA of each species over time became a clear Fitness frog sports tend to be quickly genome evolution.
Santos tried sizes other factors, body and clutch, but athletic ability factor consistently associated with rapid changes.

During exercise, the Fitness frog circulatory system of the blood and oxygen supply to the tissues that need it - said the cost of the physical fabric less active, Santos gym sago - muscles.
If physical activity failed to Fitness Cop deliver the oxygen flow in the blood is restored when these tissues and a flood of free radicals that cause wear of the DNA, so genetic changes that may occur - the affects of DNA from cell sperm or egg outputs - that future generations can grow saps Fitness frog transferred.

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